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Please read the candid article below on what you need to know to get great client leads - fast!  And, what you might be doing wrong.  

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How to Get Real Leads - FAST!

Everyone knows that most buyers and sellers love to go to the internet first before hiring an agent or mortgage broker. Why not bring them in with your specific, professional 'call out' domain name and increase your search engine rankings by using a top level localized domain. Using free company sites such as or secondary page sites such as: or even watered down page sites like will cause low rankings on the search engines for clients looking for topic specific keywords, i.e. 'homes' or 'loans'. i.e.
(They might like you when they meet you, but you've got to get them to you first)


Aquiring a good domain name can play a critical and major part in the success of your web site and your business. Don't underestimate the presence of your online and off-line marketing campaign using a specific targeted domain name that includes keywords to increase your success. When marketing your broker, loan officer or agent website or blog on the web, print, or advertising, show the clients that you're serious. Even if you have a current website, having one or several targeted localized or top level domains, that can easily be directed (forwarded) to your current website or a page on that website without the need to create a new one.


While most agents believe that the most common choice is to use their own name as their web site's domain, this is not the best choice for lead generation. While it may be good for existing clients (although polls show many clients forget their agents name within two years), the key is to generate a lot new leads and new clients through web traffic and optimizing the keywords and meta tags. Domains like will not identify your website to potential clients searching the web for a home or mortgage in your area. You want your domain(s) to include popular keywords to optimize traffic to your website.
(hint: unfortunately it won't be your name).


It's unlikely that home buyers or sellers will search for you by name. Instead they will search for'(city/county/metro) real estate' or '(city/county/metro) homes' or '(city/county/metro) foreclosures'.  The same goes for 'loan' and' mortgages.  Having a top level domain name with some of these words in it can increase your search engine rankings and help in optimizing your site for awesome lead generation. It also gives the client the ability to find you as the professional in their area. If they leave your site, it'll be easier to remember a specific real estate site name, than your name. Besides you want more clients who don't know you yet and the cost of a good domain can pay for itself over and over again with just one lead.


The best domains
should be descriptive and serve to identify your target market. Ideally, it would also contain keywords that potential clients would search by. This simple change will help improve your rankings dramatically. Spice up your blog. Instead of, let the client know they're getting value with a site like (see the difference?).

The words 'Real Estate', 'Homes', 'Foreclosures', 'Loans', or 'Mortgages' can easily be combined with the locations you serve, creating a domain name that is both descriptive and contains the highly important keywords. You could buy Metropolitan, City, or County, or, real estate specific domain names that include Buyer or Seller. Another option is to have more than one domain name for marketing different areas or advertising and forward them to a main website.

Also, for property listings, you should get the address domain.  You can set up a separate website for the property or simply forward it to the webpage of your choice. Try to keep it simple, such as 2345 Main vs. 2345 Main St W as you have no idea if the buyers will spell out 'street' or add 'west' to their search.

You should avoid unnatural spellings such as using '4' instead of 'for'. People will forget and you will send them to your competitor. Use .com when possible or .info for a second choice (forget the other extensions).


Now that you have a good idea of what to look for in a domain name, you will need to find one that is available and register it. For some fantastic premium real estate domains (click on the 'Real Estate Domains' page), or, for some fantastic premium mortgage domains (click on the 'Mortgage Domains' page). To get a 'property address' domain, just click here

Or, you can go to a low cost registrar, such as which offers free forwarding and masking of the domain name to your current website, a free hosted 5-page website, free email, free blog and total DNS control for your webserver with each domain.

Be Intelligent and Be Successful!

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